Day. 2.

I have returned! After another chaotic “too early/too late?” run to the bus-stop, we kicked off another day in the clear. Two kids, two schools, both punctual. Coming from an ideal where “5 minutes late” earns an extra 20 minutes to leave, I would like to feel a moment of accomplishment. _____  …  ______  ….. ________________ …  .. .

Sorry! These are the moments that feel so great. Like an affirmation that at this one point in my span thus far as a mother is actually right where I have always wanted to be. And it feels great!

Woefully, “Mommy” isn’t my only title, and as today’s society shows may even be hard to keep that in the top slot. Aside from spouse, bread-winner, bread-baker, housekeeping, chauffeur, secretary, financial executive, guaranteer (the one the bills are addressed to), and a host of other responsibilities; life seems a lot less picaresque than I was led to believe. I feel accomplished in some things, some of the times, passionate about a key few All the time, and generally worn out by the time I’m “ready” to get out of bed each morning.

Tuesdays will continue to be different. I want to be that difference in someone’s routine also. Stifled creativity can feel like a lot of negative things. Most often like a painful lack of potential and unrealized aspirations. But I have sailed to a foreign shore- amid talk of being a basic b*tch and perhaps bigger yet my own doubts. Staked the land hereafter named “Maverick Mom Site” and pulled out the pages and pages of ideas outlining a very ambitious project.

Here we are together: meager beginnings. And quiet Tuesdays.


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